Arabian Adventures

A Close Shave

Bartleby Sneed told Peter Paladin and Kaibosh Follensby to get Nargle “The Sharp”, a half-dwarf barber and a member/informant for the Order of the Silver Harp out of the city of Al’adim before the guards caught him. The guards were on a manhunt for all suspicious persons after a member of the Sultan’s court was show to be a spy.

Bartleby polymorphed Peter into a beautiful young girl, and Kaibosh into a small dog. They had 4 hours before they turned back.

Kaibosh squeezed through the bars on the river grate in the far side of the Sultan’s palace. He encountered a lion in the managerie, which he befriended with Animal Friendship, and asked the lion to create a distraction so he could escape into town unmolested.

Peter ran around the city, to a side entrance that was exclusive to gravediggers and farmers. Nearly molested by a gravedigger, he managed to fight off the gravedigger and push him into an open grave.

Reaching the side gate, Thomas the guard was informed of the attack and gave Peter 2 cp and told him to meet his sister Aliyah in the Bazaar for some new clothes. Thomas gathered the guards to bring the gravedigger to justice. Later, his head is found on a pike.

Kaibosh found Nargle “The Sharp” in the Bazaar telling stories and entertaining while shaving people. Kaibosh cast create water and drenched Nargle. He made the sign of the Silver Harp (2 hands crossed over the heart) as a dog and wrote in the sand to communicate.

Peter found his way into town and found Nargle just as the guards surrounded them. Nargle cut the shade cloth down while Kaibosh cast Entangle and created enough distraction to escape.

They tried to go back to Nargle’s house to gather some very important secret documents, but The Jackal was waiting with two guards. Peter created a distraction by pretending to be a whore while Nargle climbed the wall to the second floor.

As Peter was trying to seduce The Jackal, he suddenly transformed back into a human. The ensuing combat ended in The Jackal imbibing an invisibility potion, but Peter grabbed him into an armlock to the point of passing out.

The guards returned en masse just as he passed out, and they left the unconscious invisible body in the road for the guards to trip over as they ran away into the night.

They reached the hideout of The Silver Harp and it was revealed that the secret documents were maps to The Cave of Wonders, Jazir’s slave camp, and proof that the Sultan is under the thrall of Jazir.


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